Opened in 2020 Burgers and Bakery is set in a 1931 Prohibition Era, Art Deco Cottage that used to be a private residence. Though just seconds from one of the busiest parts of town, B&B is hidden on a hill in the trees, with a peaceful outdoor space that is both beautiful and dog friendly! Inside, you can sit and feel like you are at home, and in the winter we have a fire burning in the fireplace!

All of our offerings are made to order and most are completely scratch-made. Our buns are scratch-made and baked in-house. We use locally sourced produce (whenever possible) and high-quality meats and cheeses.

Our passion for food and happy customers is what drives us to do what we do!  

In late 2021 we decided to take our next step and open a Coffee Shop that creates a unique experience for our customers. A Coffee shop that is more about relaxing and conversation, rather than having your head in a laptop! Click Here to Learn More 


Your Hosts

Husband & Wife and Business Partners Deana & Mike Okun moved to Spartanburg in 2016, they had a lot of experience, but none in the restaurant industry. Deana was a successful home-based Baker and Cake Artist, making amazing custom cakes and desserts with a culinary point of view derived from her travels in Europe, Central Asia, and of course the United States! Mike, a Corporate Training Leader, always loved great food and is always searching for that next, great, hidden gem. When Deana's home-based business grew to a point that it wasn't feasible to do it from home, the Okun's started looking for a brick-and-mortar location. "When we found this building, with all of its quirks and charms, we knew this was it", said Deana. "After looking at the space, we decided that we wanted to do more than just desserts, we wanted to create that "Hidden Gem" that so many look for.

We knew we could make an amazing burger, and figured, let's throw caution to the wind and give it a whirl.
Two years later, we're still going strong. Sure, COVID created a special kind of challenge we could have never anticipated but the Spartanburg Community was and continues to be SO supportive. They've helped us survive, for which we're eternally grateful!", said Mike. 

Since opening Burgers & Bakery has received awards! "We're proud of our awards, they validate the hard work, countless hours, and sleepless nights. We're extremely grateful for the Best of Spartanburg Awards which are "People's Choice".", said Deana. 

Nominated in eight restaurant categories in 2021, Burgers & Bakery was a top 3 finalist in 6 and won Best New Restaurant of 2021. 


Your Chef

Graduate of the Citadel and Marine Corps Vet, Head Chef Cody Steves develops fantastic flavors and unique food at B&B. Cody has a passion for playing with food, creating flavor profiles that are truly one of a kind. His experience has been in Fine Dining, and Fast Casual restaurants and he brings an unmatched culinary point of view! 

When time permits, Cody loves to chat with our customers, he believes this is a great way to understand what the customer truly needs and wants. He then translates that into his food.

Come and experience some of Cody's over-the-top creations! 

Awards & Recognition



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